Why Compost?

Compost is nature’s answer to soil health. Because it is created by the natural breaking down of 100% organic material, pure compost is a valuable soil amendment that promotes growth without chemicals or artificial supplements. The results speak for themselves.

Compost offers a multitude of benefits for your yard or garden:

Yard Waste - Compost - Results

Why DeRT?

While city and lake-area ordinances continue to restrict the use of fertilizer and other chemicals in yards and gardens. Dert Eco-Premium Compost is an all-natural soil enhancer that promotes growth and plant health without harming the environment.

Compared to most other composts Dert Eco-Premium Compost comes in a rich blend that helps lawns grow faster, flowers bloom bigger and brighter all while providing a solid foundation for long-term sustained growth by promoting root health and improved nutrient cycling.

Dert Eco-premium compost is not only rich with nutrients, it is free of the twigs and other waste particles found in other composts. That’s because Dert Eco-Premium Compost passes through a 3/8" screen, filtering out many of the contaminants that you will find in other composts that use larger screens.

Only Dert Eco-Premium Compost is made from local organic material collected from Minneapolis residents when they rake their fall leaves. A new life springs forth from last year’s spent beauty. Not only can you feel good about putting your yard waste to good use, but using local material also conserves energy that can be wasted in transportation.

Dert Eco-Premium Compost is LEED-certified and STA-approved. Each batch is independently tested to exceed DOT standards and lab reports are available for your viewing. The results speak for themselves.


The screening process controls the particle size and allows for a beautiful and uniform product. Compost is available from fine screened to large sizes. For general landscape use, a Compost that contains a range of particle sizes from grain of sand to pieces 3/8" in diameter works best. Note: As screen size gets smaller the prices go up due to much higher production costs.


Rain-Garden Blends

This Compost-amended blend of sand and Compost acts like a sponge holding stormwater while microorganisms and bacteria in the soil remove pollutants. Surface vegetation enhances evapotranspiration and pollution removal. Even in limited spaces, small rain gardens are very efficient in improving water quality because it is the first part of the run-off that carries the majority of pollutants during a storm. After a few hours there shouldn’t be any water on the soil’s surface, when used in a rain garden. The quality of water that enters the facility maybe eventually enhanced. This is primarily due to the ‘filtering’ that it receives as it percolates through the ground.

Garden Blends

These mixed soils of part screened compost, part screened black dirt, and part washed sand are ideal for a variety of plants and trees that require soils with high organic matter content.

Topsoil Blends

This mixture of compost blended with mulch and a small part of soil is the perfect product for spreading and preventing erosion on final grade of new construction jobs. Combine with the use of a compost sock or silt fence to prevent washouts on a jobsite, and sod can be laid directly over this material.